Fortune 500 companies have utilized social scientist to for decades to learn about the culture that drives their businesses. Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, General Motors and  Intel, are just a few companies that recognize the need for anthropologists in their companies.

Exploring the world of understanding your employees and customers better will improve productivity, public relations, and the bottom line.

Who We Are

IA Consulting is a strategy consulting company based on the human sciences.  Clients come to us with business problems centered around diversity and culture. Most of our work revolves around helping our clients get an outside view of their business and how their employees, prospective employees, and customers perceive them.

Our unique human-centered approach helps our clients gain new insight into marketing their business. The anthropologists, marketers, diversity and inclusion specialists, tech leaders, policy writers and community organizers who make up our team provide a diversity of perspectives to assist your desired outcomes.

Our Perspective

With recent controversies surrounding brand names such as Dove, Shea Moisture, Pepsi, and others, an outside perspective focusing on the diversity of culture and respect and not solely traditional marketing methods.

What We Do

  • Field Work
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Diversity and Inclusion Implementation
  • Corporate Strategy
  • New Products or Services

Three core principles guide our work:

  • Holistic whole person approach
  • Ethnographic
  • Interaction

Long-term impact

The emphasis on long-term problem solving over quick fixes is paramount. We enjoy working with those who are ready to be open to being innovative with their ideas and approach to a new way of thinking.

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