Thank you Whitney Houston. It’s not right, but it’s okay.RIP

Whitney Houston sang this song to all of the women of the world who’ve been cheated on, abused, and left alone to wonder if they could make it without their husband, their boyfriend, the man that they had loved so much. She herself was divorced and knew the pain of loving so hard that it hurt.

Thanks Whitney, for telling us that although its not right, that we’ll eventually be okay. That we’re gonna make it anyway. Remember this song when you’re hurting.

Rest in peace Ms. Houston…and thank you.


About the Author:

Kim is the co-author of "From Ex to Next! An Empowered Woman's Guide to Dating After Breakup or Divorce." She is also the host of "Divorce Guru" radio show host, as well as the National Divorce columnist for the Kim lives in San Francisco, CA and is the proud mother of two very energetic, very wonderful boys.
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