Helping will make your life better after divorce

More than just a "trickling" of water

It’s a drag to get divorced. No, really it is.  Calling your divorce a drag may be a bit of an understatement, like calling Niagra Falls a trickling of water, but it’s still a drag right?!

When dealing with life after divorce it is easy to wallow in pity and sadness about the wrongs that were done to you, or the wrongs that you committed during your divorce.  At times we may wallow a little bit too long, making our lives and those lives around us a miserable mess.

I wrote an article on my Examiner column on how you can help make your divorce less of a drag and make your life more of a…  Okay, that didn’t flow as most of my wonderful words do, but once again you get the point.  Read more here and tell me what you do to make your divorce less of a drag.

Gonna go eat some string cheese,




About the Author:

Kim is the co-author of "From Ex to Next! An Empowered Woman's Guide to Dating After Breakup or Divorce." She is also the host of "Divorce Guru" radio show host, as well as the National Divorce columnist for the Kim lives in San Francisco, CA and is the proud mother of two very energetic, very wonderful boys.
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