Do you drink more now that you’re divorced?

I just wrote an article for my column over at Examiner.comabout how your relationship status affects how much you drink. The

Who drinks more?

infographic that was the source of my inspiration for the article lined up side by side who drinks more: men or women, divorced or married, single or widowed?

The overwhelming and not too surprising result of the infographic was that men drink more than women and if you’re sad and lonely you are more likely to have your stomach pumped from drowning your sorrows in the elixir of life alcohol.

Okay, the infographic didn’t state that conclusion exactly, that was just my way of summing it up.

Basically, married men don’t drink as much because their wives won’t let them. Single, divorced and widowed men do because…well, they have no wives to nag extol the benefits of limiting the amount of poison one consumes, no matter how good that “Sex on the Beach” may taste going down.

Divorced men and women drink more after their divorce.  A lot.  I can back up this theory because I drank a whole lotta strawberry margaritas during the divorce process.  Which lasted 2 years.  You would have asked me if I had stock in tequila if you could have seen the amount of margaritas I threw back on a weekly basis.  Now that I’m out of the hell I call divorce court, my consumption has been reduced to a glass of white wine during dinner.

Check out the infographic below and visit my more tame article on and let me know what you think: does being divorced cause you to drink more?



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