About Kim Hess

Author, Coach, & Radio Personality


cowboy hatKim Hess is  an intuitive, caring, nurturing, and unique person who wants you to enter an oasis of safety and serenity while in her presence.  She is  a trained life coach, specializing in relationships, who will listen to you with a non-judgemental ear and help you to attain that which you seek.

She is co-author of the  book “From Ex to Next: An Empowered Woman’s Guide to Dating Again” and was host to the radio show “Divorce Guru” on San Francisco’s Energy Talk Radio, which has been heard by listeners all over the world.  She has appeared on local and national television, along with writing a national divorce column. Kim is a sought after expert on dating after divorce for radio, and well known blogs.  She has worked extensively helping men and women with their relationships, coping with divorce, and dating after divorce.

Having lived in California for a large part of her life, Ms. Hess has been introduced and educated in the practices of various religions, healing arts, and sees the world through a very open minded and beautiful point of view. Her onetime guru Dattatreya Siva Baba has taught her the importance of serving others and daily meditation to clear the mind and soul.  She teaches that energy is all around us and has a powerful and effective impact on our every moment. Part of her teachings include that one does  have control over your existence. She will remind you during your session that thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!

Relaxation helps clear the mind, hence the creation of LifeCoach Massage, located in Avon Lake, Ohio, to help and serve others.

After divorcing from her husband who she had been with for  almost 11 years, she was heartbroken, distraught, severely depressed, and not knowing what the future would hold.  Through the extremely dark days and hard times of divorce which lasted many, many years, she now works with women and men to help them get through the pain and struggle of divorce with a strong mindset.

Kim is dedicated to getting all who deal with the Buddha’s first noble truth: “life is suffering”, on the path to a wonderful, fiery, inspired life. One of Kim’s favorite quotes is:


Kim is a dedicated mother to her two amazing, wise, wonderful sons Ivy and Breslin.  She tries to inspire them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams.  In turn they inspire and remind her to do the same everyday.

If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area please feel free to email or call Kim to schedule a visit for a spiritual LifeCoach Massage which will help you to solve life’s problem’s with a relaxed mind and body.


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